Registration Fee
RM 700.00 (For new application only)

Monthly Fee
RM350.00 equivalent to 12XRM350.00=RM4200.00 annually. (The fees for hifz course and alimah are of the same amount, it covers study cost including boarding and food BUT not the kitabs /textbooks)

Foreign students are required to pay 3 months advance study fee (RM1050.00)

Annual fee (maintenance)

RM150.00 at the end of the year

RM 1,000.00 for first time visa application. The immigration usually gives 6 months visa for first visa application and 12 months visa upon renewal, approximately RM 150.00 each renewal including madrasah’s paperwork fee).
The immigration approval depending on the interview result of Selangor Islamic Department (JAIS) and Malaysia Islamic Department (JAKIM).

JAIS Requirements:
Visa application should be submitted one month before the previous visa/ Entry Pass expire.
Original passport
2 copies of passport size photos
Madrasah’s approval letter.

Immigration documentation and requirements will be processed by madrasah.

Kitabs/ Textbooks
Different costs for each class.
Books for 1st year Alimah students cost about RM200.00, the cost will be different depending on the current market price.

Important note: The students for Alimah course should be able to read and know basic Malay, math, and healthy physically and mentally.